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Fashion Show 2014

When I was asked to model for a friend’s design, I shouted out the answer immediately without even thinking. I knew it would require me having to get up on stage in front of everyone, which intimidates me – so I said no. But it only took my designer, Ting, minutes to convince me to do it. After agreeing to do it, I immediately regretted as it struck me that crowds and I don’t mix.

 The first rehearsal was the first time I’d ever walked in heels. I went, I tried and… my shoe came off. It was kind of awkward as most of the people there walked perfectly fine in heels (which were way higher than mine 🙁 ). In the end, Ting agreed that I should go in flats instead – comfort was the key. Ting was great – she was always there and she put me at ease.  I’d be smiling for her instead of having to plaster on an uncomfortable smile.

 On the day of the Fashion Show there was a last rehearsal and then we had to prepare for the fashion show. I was a wreck. Due to my lack of knowledge of make-up, I had to have at least 6 people do my hair and makeup.  I had a bit of time to calm down but before I knew it, I was already behind the curtain about to go on.

LS Blog Fashion Show

My heart was beating so quickly as I walked out, I was so nervous. However, after a split second, everyone started cheering, whistling and hollering my name – that gave me more confidence. Even if I was super awkward, I felt like my confidence level increased a tad. My confidence was boosted even more when I went out with my partner Charice – I was actually enjoying myself.

At the end of a night, I was really glad I agreed to do the fashion show because the adrenaline you get when you’re on stage with people cheering you on is a fantastic feeling, which would make you more confident. 

Nicole Lim (Form 4)

Posted on: Jan 28th 2014 in General

A busy start to the term!

This past week had been bizarre. Already, a week has passed since we’ve all arrived back at Concord. I met several of new students and they all appear to be really friendly and approachable. They look as if they’ve all settled in really well and are getting along with each other too. As soon as this term started, we’ve all had House meetings and talked about the upcoming Inter-house sport events. I, along with many others were getting excited to compete against the other Houses (Mandela, Pankhurst & Teresa) and to make our House (Gandhi) proud.


Aside from the House sports, I’ve also been hearing a lot of commotion about the Fashion Show lately. The date of the Fashion Show is getting closer and designers have been doing last minute adjustments, whilst models are constantly having rehearsals to do the best they can. Personally, I’m not a big fan of modeling or fashion – but from the sound of it, I have a feeling this is going to be a good show. With that said, I have high hopes and I’m really looking forward to it.

Sabrina Lai (Form 4)

Posted on: Jan 24th 2014 in General

Welcome to the Lower School Blog

Concord College Lower School was founded in 1995 and from small beginnings has grown to be an important part of the Concord community.  This blog will be written by Lower school students to give a flavour of the life they lead at Concord.  We hope you will enjoy reading it.

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