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Inter-boarding house fun sports!

On the 21st of March 2014, Concord College held their annual Sport Relief games in Concord College’s second sports hall. The atmosphere was amazing and many of the students were enthralled by the fact that we were going to have some games and fun, but really because we got to miss first prep. There were also some charity items that you could buy which included cakes and ice cream and I’m sure the charities would’ve been overjoyed after they had seen the amount of money they got from selling them.

Each team was divided by boarding house eg Bell House, Red House and others joined together, so Broadlands and Main House joining together became the Mainlanders. To add spice to the events, some houses decided to be different and so they came to the sports hall in some of the weirdest costumes, with Bell house boys winning that event with the students coming in white shirts and the Bell House name spelt on their stomachs and the house parents Mr Bill and Dr Pugh coming there dressed in banana costumes….

The target this year was for a team to finally beat the Day Students as they’ve been winning it since it ever started and we were in for a show. It started off with the sack race, which is always a delight to watch as many people step up to the plate and show us their impressive diving techniques. We also had the leapfrog game, which ended up giving people a lot of minor injuries and some people just can’t jump. There were many other games that were played and overall proved to be an amazing time and worth everyone’s efforts. Finally, to everyone’s surprise, the Day Students failed to win for the first time ever and the trophy went to Bell House (boys & girls) and I’m sure the Day students received a lot of stick. The games were finally over but then there was a sudden change from happiness to worry as everyone had finally remembered that they had Saturday tests the next day!


Visit the Concord website for some great images of this event:

Damilola Oyusanya Form 4

Posted on: Mar 28th 2014 in General

A Brilliant Show!

A brilliant, amazing performance by the students of Concord. It is uncommon to hear of students performing in an official concert in front of hundreds of people. The sheer confidence we displayed was just exceptional. The concert was, for the first time, live streamed across the world as parents watched their children perform sensationally. There were parents who stayed up until three o’clock in the morning just to watch the Mayor’s Concert! From a strong start by the Strings Group to the powerful end by the British Society, these students has achieved what countries have never been able to achieved, the cultural diversity of different countries all packed into two hours! As we come from different cultures and countries and we have set our differences aside and produce a concert filled with a huge variety of acts showcasing all the different cultures around the world.

The Mayor of Shrewsbury himself was extremely pleased with our performance as acts from all over the world, from Britain, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and many more countries displayed their cultures and diversity with so much passion creating a joyful atmosphere during the Mayor’s concert. With the Korean Society performing with Samul nori percussion instruments, a vibrant Bhangra dance by the Malaysian Society, a Scottish ceilidh performed by the British Society, a Chinese opera by the Chinese Society, and so many more. There were not just cultural performances but also musical numbers done by Choir and Chamber Choir, String Group and Wind Ensemble. In my opinion, it was a night never to forget, although I could not watch it live, just listening to all the performances on my computer was something I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Also, if you would like to take a look at the concert itself, DVDs are being sold for six pounds containing all the performances from the Mayor’s Concert.


Edward Goh Form 4

Posted on: Mar 20th 2014 in General

The Mayor’s Concert Preparations

Everywhere you go around the college people are talking about the Mayor’s concert – which is growing closer. Everybody is getting ready to perform in various acts on Friday night and then again on Sunday night. The Mayor’s concert is an annual even that gives a chance for students from all around the world to join or make societies and then put together a dance, song or both from their country or culture. As well as all the societies, the first half of the concert is dedicated to musicians. In this half, students get to show off their musical talents by performing great pieces in groups, bands or even as soloists. The concert is great and everybody always has fun, whether they are performers or just people in the audience. Personally, I find it particularly interesting watching the societies as it shows me all the different cultures and environments that people in Concord come from.

This year, we have a huge selection and variation of acts. Some of the musical acts include Choir and Chamber Choir, String Group and Wind Ensemble. The societies that are performing consist of:  Eastern European, British, Taiwanese, Chinese, Malaysian, African, Hong Kong, Singaporean, Indonesian, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese.

I think it is great how so many people got involved with this concert and I can’t wait to see all of the acts. I myself am in wind ensemble and I know that everyone is starting to feel the pressure of the oncoming performance. Rehearsals are starting to get more frequent and the pressure is mounting, but more importantly – everyone is still having a great time. On Sundays, you could see everyone in their costumes and working hard trying to perfect their dance or songs. Although I haven’t seen everyone perform, I have caught glimpses of some acts and they already look great!

Taking a sneaky peek had just increased my enthusiasm for the concert. Moreover, I walked into West End recently and saw African society rehearsing and I couldn’t help but think about how great it is that everyone from the same culture can get to together to put something together. Not only does this help people discover the beauty of other cultures, people from their own place could truly bond and gradually make new, long-lasting friends. It is truly amazing to watch. The standard at Concord is amazing and I know it will be a great concert.

To everyone performing in the concert Good Luck and to everyone watching it, Enjoy!

wind band

Alexandra Poole (Form 4)

Posted on: Mar 14th 2014 in General


YOU’VE BEEN ASSASSINATED!! This sentence has been constantly ringing in the ears of every Concord student for the past week. When coupled with DISARM I can assure you it’s quite a bizarre experience. Over the course of last week the 6th form prefects organized the game titled Assassins. Each student is assigned a target and the objective: to tap them with a spoon and scream “You have been assassinated!” As a result, very fancy white, plastic spoons were distributed on Monday and the fun began.  I’m proud to say I managed to kill my first target, but unfortunately I was killed soon after. We are still waiting to hear who the winner is, but I’m sure they used an abundance of scheming, stalking, and screaming to work their way to the top.

Never has the Concord air felt so full of suspense, apprehension, and disappointment. As psychotic as it may sound – killing your target brings the greatest sense of satisfaction you’ll feel in a while. The thought that all the stalking and planning finally paid off and you’re now one step closer to being the best.

On the other hand, dying sucks. The realization that you’ve been killed takes a while to sink in. All my friends died before me, one only seconds after the game started on Monday. I was killed on the third day. I had just walked out of the dining hall after getting tea at break and I was discussing the game with a friend. Every heard the phrase “Be careful what you wish for?”   I’ve definitely learnt to take it seriously. Just seconds after the sentence, “I kinda wish I was dead so I don’t have to worry about it any more.” slipped out of my mouth I was killed. The light tap on my shoulder and a screamed sentence in my ear was all it took.

Overall this week has been great. Assassins was fun, perhaps even more fun this year than the last year. I look forward to the other prefect games coming up 🙂

plastic spoons

Jennifer Knight (Form 4)

Posted on: Mar 5th 2014 in General