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Holiday withdrawal symptoms

Can you believe that we’ve just finished one full week of lessons? It feels like we’ve been back for ages! Since I’ve arrived back to Concord, there has been a major influx of unfamiliar faces. The new intake of 45 students has boosted the total number of students to more than 500 for the first time. Besides the arrival of students, the stark decrease in temperature has made me appreciate warmer weather in Singapore more. However, we got to experience a little bit of snow. As the days past, you’d see students around the campus taking out their puffy jackets and standing by radiators as much as possible to keep warm. One night after prep, I was walking back and it started snowing a little and of course, I got a little too excited because I’ve never seen snow before! (Fake snow does not count… it smells weird.) I’m sure we’re all wishing for heavier snow for a day off… and a snowball fight maybe?

But of course, it’s not all fun and games. We had to quickly adjust back into our usual schedules. I swear all I have ever done for the past few days were alternating between English language coursework and literature coursework – trying to meet deadlines. As for us form 5s, we’ve come to a realization that our GCSE examinations are approaching very quickly. Thus, the increase of workload and possibly more stress than ever makes adapting to this Concord lifestyle tough at the beginning, especially with our extremely long holidays contrasting our busy lifestyle here, but as soon as we’re used to it… time does pass extremely quickly and everything becomes worth it in the end.

This week, we’ve been introduced to multiple upcoming events – the college’s annual fashion show, Chinese New Year dinner, Mayor’s concert, and more house sport events. Around school – you would spot designers buying material for their dresses, frequent visits to the art block; Societies of different countries starting to meet up and beginning to think of ideas for the Mayor’s concert; Heads of Houses and captains have been busy recruiting players for the teams that will be all beginning in no time at all. It’s been a hectic week, but only the start of hopefully an amazing 2015.

Nicole Lim F5

Posted on: Jan 23rd 2015 in General