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Sports Day

On a surprisingly warm Wednesday 29th of April Concord held its annual Sports Day. It was a day full of running, jumping and throwing, all of which were exceptional for spectators or competitors.

It felt as if almost all of the Upper and Lower School took part in one or several events, be it relays or individual events. And those who weren’t participating were enthusiastically cheering the competitors on from the side-lines. All of the houses conducted themselves with great team spirit and passion; as part of the Sports Day there was some new events this year. The high jump took place on Monday 27th, prior to Sports Day!

The great events were followed by a fantastic array of barbeque food which we have the kitchen staff to thank for. The overall winner of house athletics this year was Mandela, however all of the houses had a great turnout, and many will agree that the competition wasn’t won easily with all the houses standing firmly for the pole position.

I think, that although there were winners, everyone ought to be proud of their own achievements that day because everyone, even those who didn’t win, contributed to their house gaining points. And also a massive thank you to all the organisers, without them, the day wouldn’t have happened.

A massive well done to all who took part, cheered and organised. Last but not least, thank you to the Heads of Houses for spurring the houses on and for encouraging people to have a go. Overall the day was an amazing event in which all the students were able to show their true sporting colours. Congratulations to all.

Henry McNab F4

Posted on: May 8th 2015 in General