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Shropshire Festival 2015

The Shropshire Festival of Verse and Prose took place on 9th of October at Moreton Hall School. This year only Lower School students took part in it. We all gathered in Main Hall around 3 p.m. and started our 2 hours journey. The time flew very quickly and by the time, we were in Moreton Hall School we were all ready to win.

At first, we were invited to the Main Hall to meet. Most of the students were very nervous. Luckily, we had Mrs Hawkins, Mrs Turford and Ms Shaw to support us.

The first competition took place in library. It was poetry competition. Eleven concord students competed for the first place. As it was mentioned later, all performances were astonishing and there was not a single person who did not had a list of good things about their performance. Unfortunately, not everyone was able to win the award although most of the competitors deserved it. Third place was shared between a Moreton Hall school student and Lucy Hampton. She recited the poem ‘The Beast in Space’. Second place was awarded to Heidi Vuong, who recited the poem ‘Life is Fine’. Finally, the Honda Trophy was awarded to me, with the poem ‘First day at school’ and passed at distinction. Other people who took part in this competition were Shu Xuan Lin, Melody Hung, Chloe Young, Mia Nguyen, Rachel Liao, Altyn Timraliyeva, Steven Shen and Alisar Tabet.

As soon as the first competition ended, the next one started. It was Public Speaking, in which Heidi Vuong won the First Place.

The last competition took place in the theatre and it was a Famous Speeches competition. Madeline Lempert won the First place. Other Concord students who took part in this competition were Jade Low, Adrian Liao, Jimmy Zeng, Millie Parkes, Ferne Nicholas, Altyn Timraliyeva.

All three winners were awarded with trophies and by the time the day was over Concord earned a Honda Trophy, Moreton Hall Shield and a Medal for first place.

On the road back to Concord College, most of the students fell asleep. However, some were so excited about an unforgettable experience that, they could not close their eyes. By the time we were in Concord it was already 9 p.m. There is no doubt that every single one of us enjoyed this evening and were not regretting about signing up. However, Saturday tests were coming next morning…

Oleksandra F5

Posted on: Nov 6th 2015 in General

House Arts 2015

It was around three weeks into term that people started to receive the dreaded House Arts emails. For the next two hectic weeks, every room in the Morris Building was filled with song, dance, poetry and music – all on this year’s theme of ‘reflection.’

Each act interpreted the theme in a slightly different way, but most focused on internal reflection and the importance of self-confidence. Some performances were more overt about their interpretation of the theme, while others were slightly subtler. Some acts were humorous, others were serious, and some were electrifying – the diversity of acts was huge.

It took hours of planning, choreography and rehearsal to perfect each performance, however, the result of this dedication was clearly visible on stage on Saturday night. Each House pulled off an excellent final performance and each act deserves the biggest congratulations. It was nerve-wracking for everyone involved, and certainly stressful at times, but we can all agree that we pulled through in the end.

However, there were some particular successes. Mandela and Ghandi won the House Song, Mandela won the House Poem, Teresa won the best group while Teresa and Pankhurst won the House Dance. Of course, there was only one winner in the end (Teresa―and for the second time running), but each house showed plenty (and I mean plenty) of spirit which was especially noticeable in their (sometimes successive) chants, which filled the theatre with sound.

When the winner was announced (in between these shouts of house anthems), practically everyone was standing up for one of two reasons: one to celebrate and rush on stage, and the other one to start immediate protest at the obviously biased conclusion. Otherwise gentle and reserved Concord students became something close to football fans for the duration of the night. It certainly was a ‘baptism of fire’ for poor Ms Coward.

That aside… Everybody who was involved deserves to be proud of themselves for making House Arts incredible again this year.

Lucy Hampton F5

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House Cross Country 2015

Saturday morning was cold and wet. Like always, it started with tests, although this week we had to wake half an hour earlier. After tests, everyone changed to their house t-shirts and went to the Main Hall. The people were all chatting, supporting each other, and the cold weather was over come by the warm friendly atmosphere. No one was left out. When people organised themselves into four groups: Mandela, Teresa, Pankhurst and Gandhi, the Cross Country began.

As soon as people heard the starting pistol, everyone started moving. Some were running, others walking. The cross country is not only about who comes first, it is about participation, and if you are not a good, runner or you had an injury you could still come and support your house. In fact more than 350 students participated. The race was long. It went all the way behind Morris Building and Red House, to Paul House, on the football pitch and all the way back to Main Hall. The worst part was that the grass was wet and the air was cold. However, we got there at the end.

The Upper School road race started straight after that. Upper School had to run twice as much as we did. When the race was ending my friends and I went to cheer. We stood right before the finish line and supported not only our houses, but also our friends and other people who were running. Mr Johnson’s (physics teacher) son wanted to run road race too. However, he was too young for them, so right before the finish line Mr Johnson took him and they walked together to the finish line. At the end Pankhurst won.

For Lower School Filip Skierski came first and the first girl was Lavine Lui. For Upper School first came Charoenvasnadumrong Tharisata Tempy and Ong Jil Ee Min.

This experience was unforgettable.

Oleksandra F5

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