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Silver Duke of Edinburgh expedition

The Silver Duke of Edinburgh expedition was a great experience for me. We spent three days camping in the wild and walked across the landscape of Wales. We walked for over 30 km, it was tiring but fun indeed.

There are 6 members in my group and each of us was given chance of navigation, which we find the subtle routes marked on the map and visualise it in our actual surroundings. I tried navigating and was one of the best navigators in the group. But most of the time I wouldn’t bother and would talk with my friends on politics and philosophy instead.

We walked through fields mostly of open meadow but sometimes we could find some cows and sheep. They were all quite friendly and some of them greeted us with their gazes as we pass by. However, there are few terrifying situations which cannot be ignored. For example, we happened to walk through a farm with angry bulls. Thankfully they didn’t attack us and we quickly ran away.

Being at the camp site at night is a remarkable part of the expedition, we were able to eat our food while enjoying the clear night sky. There was little supervision of teachers so we were able to talk about things that were not usually talked in schools. Though at night it was cold we got comprehensive enough equipment to keep us warm. We had hot showers available in both nights and at the second night we were able to set up a camp fire!

Jimmy Zeng F5

Posted on: Apr 28th 2017 in General

Shropshire Music Showcase

Last Tuesday, tired but happy, a few of us rushed from our last exams to get ready and perform in the ‘Shropshire Showcase Competition’. It was a great experience and a great way to start the Easter holidays!

Weeks of rehearsals all seemed suddenly worth it for the fun we had that evening. It was very scary to perform both to so many strangers and to perform with my friends as a piano quartet for the first time!

The quartet meant that there were four of us playing the piano at the same time which was nerve-wracking as I did not want to be the one to go wrong! Thankfully, I did not and neither did anyone else. We were all so pleased for Ronnie Tse when he won his category in the competition- he definitely deserved it!

It was also lovely to be able to represent the college at the event and be given the chance to meet some young musicians from other schools. While we did not win our category, we all had fun and I know I learnt a lot from the experience. We will definitely be performing as a quartet again soon!

Chloe Young F5

Posted on: Apr 12th 2017 in General


I have always thought of archery as quite boring and not requiring a great deal of sport. However, in February my friends quite literally dragged me into the sports hall on a Sunday morning to try archery. Of course, I was really disappointed in myself, as most of my shots just missed the target.

However, the archery teacher was only looking forward to help me improve throughout the lesson. By the end of the session I was surprised by how much fun I had. I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience of archery and realised that it is probably one of the hardest sports I have ever tried.

Since then I have been attending archery every week, improving my shooting skills and genuinely having fun. It has become my favourite sport and I look forward to it every single Sunday.

Anyone is welcome to come and try archery no matter if you are just a beginner or a professional; it is a great way to spend a Sunday morning!

Iskander Sergazin F4

Posted on: Apr 6th 2017 in General


Seen by many as a very dangerous sport (and I agree), cycling is definitely one of the most mental-strength-dependent sports you can do.

Progressing from a leisure to a competitive rider wasn’t easy- it required consistent training of great intensities and time allocation was quite a tight fit. Amazed by the views here in Shropshire, my interest in cycling grew and soon after I decided to join a time trial held in that area. The event was set in mid-March, so training began at the beginning of the spring term. It sounded scary at first, as I would have to go over the Stiperstones (quite a long and steep climb).

Time was one of the biggest difficulties. Having to sustain grades that would impress while training for at least 7 hours a week was difficult, and to do so I had to fit in half an hour morning rides and more than that after school. But as I soon discovered, I concentrated in class much better having exercised for half an hour before breakfast. It was amazing watching the sky get lighter as I train in the winter months, setting off at quarter to 8 every day. During my training, I’ve learnt a lot more about my body, specifically nutrition and respiration.

Two months of hard work paid off- my 50 mile (80km) time trial involving over 1000 metres of vertical climbing took me a little less than 3.5 hours. The time trial consisted of several steep climbs, and my favourite was the last one that had a gradient of >20% where lots of the competitors had to push their bikes. That was where I passed most of the others, as I pushed on doing less than 4 miles an hour. It hurt so much, but It was so satisfying!

Future plans? I’m planning to enter another race in the local area soon- and as of now I’m aiming to ride around 100km per week.

Check out my rides here!

Ronnie Tse F4

Posted on: Apr 6th 2017 in General