F4 Drama Performance

People won’t believe me if I tell them that Drama is actually a very enjoyable subject. It helps me to become much more confident in front of people who are watching you.

My first play, on the previous Tuesday, performing on the stage was called “100”. It was basically a group of people who discover that they are dead and trapped inside “the void”, a strange place where souls appear to be after their lives are over. The only way to rest in peace is that each person has to select the best memory of his or her life then he or she will be united with that memory and live with that memory for an eternity. However, it isn’t easy for Alex, Sophie, Ketu, Chris and Nia to find the very best ones and they only have 100 seconds in the void to choose.

I was so stressed when the door was opened and people came in to the seats. Not only me but all actors were. In fact, we were so nervous that we even forgot some of our lines but because we’ve been rehearsing for a term, we eventually managed to improvise some parts of the play. Luckily, it turned out that everything seemed to be successfully accomplished.

Actually, I felt less nervous after I stepped out of the backstage and realized that everything was set for us to show them what we got. It was something that we did to improve our acting and speaking skills, our become more confident and understand the way people express their emotions. Then I thought that it was silly to be scared of my own friends. So I did my best to make the audiences enjoy the play although some of my moments were so embarrassing.

However, some parts might be difficult to understand because we cut and created them to make them fit the story and the overall makes more sense. The difficulties during the practice were that we had to raise our voices a bit to make sure that every audience hear every single word from us. We also had to put strong emotions and acting methods to let the audiences understand our feelings in some particular moments and the hardest thing was to act naturally and confidently when you’re so shy inside.

In my opinion, the play was well directed and I’m pretty sure that It was sensible for many people but because we’re not so experienced. We sometimes made a mistake and that mistake can be a huge cause of misunderstanding of the story. Nevertheless, I can guarantee that we, F4 Drama students, will improve and become better actors. We’re looking forward to seeing you in our next performance.

Punpipatpaiboon Saran, Tee F4

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Chinese New Year Presentation

On 28th January, an extraordinary celebration dinner in Birmingham probably impressed and satisfied everyone who participated in it. Honestly, I thought this would end with the great dinner with lovely friends in my first year at Concord, but surprise is always coming later.

“I have good news! Chinese students, Ms McCormick wants you guys to come and talk about Chinese New Year to some kids in primary school, would you like to come?” asked Ms Correll. “They are between 4 and 6 years old, very little.”

“Wow! Really Ms?”……

Yeah, Work is not over yet.

1st February,

Woodfield Infants School.

“Hello everybody, we are students from Concord College, and it’s our pleasure to come here. In the next couple of minutes, we are going to tell you about the Chinese New Year.” I have to say we couldn’t hide our affection for those lovely kids. They were really little and were sitting on the ground, staring at our well-prepared clothing curiously with their wide eyes.

Our plan had two parts. The first one was to show them a presentation that was made by Yi-Yi and also a little play. We thought what could attract kids most must be interesting things, so that we introduced the red envelope, one of the customs from many generations. They were interested in if we really can keep the money and how much we received. It was funny to answer their questions as sometimes we didn’t know how to respond to them at first. Besides the red packet, Fiona talked about the food dumpling. “We put a coin in one particular dumpling, and it will be a lucky year for the person who choose it.” After introducing some customs, we did a play which was acted by Bowen, Tony, Sally and Fiona to tell a story of the origin of the Chinese Year. The story was about a monster, which was acted by Tony, a drama student. He perfectly exaggerated the role and made those kids concentrated. Everyone tried their best to perform and attract attention from the kids. It was so interesting and successful.

Afterwards we began the workshop. The kids became 3 groups and each group had 2 students who were responsible for each group of kids. Each group had thought about their activity and the aim was to teach them for about 6minutes and then rotate. Therefore, every child could learn about different skills. Tony and Karina were teaching them Chinese calligraphy, Yi-Yi and Bowen were teaching them pronunciation and words, Sally and Fiona were teaching them dancing. Without a doubt, making them curious about what you do and being a teacher was an unforgettable experience, especially as during the process we interact with them emotionally, with kindness and marvellous feelings. We enjoyed it as we not only spread our country’s culture to let more and more people know and love it, but we were also proud of ourselves, having such nice skills to show them and having great fun together. In terms of calligraphy, most children didn’t know people in other countries had a different tool to write instead of a pen or pencil. We showed them the writing brush and typical ink and let them touch and smell them. Luckily, they expressed their interest, so after demonstrating them how to write it, we also let them have a go themselves and a nice experience as well.

We all brought happiness to each other. As we left we all received a “high five” and sweet hugs. Unquestionably, this experience was worthwhile and we hope there will be more opportunities that can be provided for us to visit and interact with the children in the future.

Karina Yan F4

The children in the primary school were really cute. I went there not just to finish the task my teacher assigned me, but I was trying to let more children become aware and interested in our Chinese culture. Thanks to all the teachers that have recommended me and gave me this opportunity!

Tony Zhou F4

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The Concord ski trip 2017

Skiing can be difficult. A year ago, I didn’t have a clue how to put on my skis, but with a lot of practice I became an intermediate skier – and I had to go back. This year the journey began with eighteen hours in coach (that sounds bad, I know, but it was SO worth it!).

While we were there the food was amazing and the instructors were so nice. We had pizza night, bowling, visits to the local supermarket and into town for ice-creams: everyone had fun – and we all improved our skiing level.

In fact, we all achieved a high level, as we went skiing for five hours per day, every day, except Saturday! Like any sport, to get better, skiing is a sport where you have to practice. Even though it can make you scared on the steeper slopes, it is such fun and so enjoyable.

I recommend the ski trip 2018 to anyone, and I would like to thank Mrs Robbins, Mr Canney and Mr Wilson for taking us this year.

Natalie Chau F4

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Duke of Edinburgh Training in the Wild

On Saturday 11th, as a member of the Silver Duke of Edinburgh group I set out into the Shropshire Hills for a day of navigation training. We were split into two groups and given the task of finding our way through the countryside using just a map and compass through the snow and fog while carrying emergency equipment and tour food supplies for the day.

I learned new aspects of navigation such as hand-railing, taking bearings from a fixed point and spotting tick-off features, which allowed me to find my way even when away from a footpath. We walked through the wilderness covered with heather, using compass and river to find our way.

We were wet and tired when they finally got back to the minibus at the end of the day, but there was still time spare to make a snowman before we left!

Thomas Van Dongen F5

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