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Induction September 2016

Two weeks ago, the Form 5 Monitors joined the Prefects for the first time in preparing and planning for the annual induction games for the new Form 3s and 4s. It was quite an experience for the Monitors and they all learnt something new from the orientation, let’s hear what they had to say:

I have a whole new sympathy for teachers now … –Carlos

 I found the induction activity a very good opportunity for the Lower School students to bond and know each other better –Vincent

 The whistle was my best friend  –Alisar

 The new students kept to themselves at first, but by the end of the activities, everyone was having fun and getting involved –Thomas

 Leading students was a great experience that allowed us to develop our teamwork and communication skills; it reminded me of my f3 experience! Time flies     —Earn

 I had great fun with all the new students and made a lot of new friends. It also feels very good to be older than everyone else —Donna

 Never thought it would be hard to organize this kind of activities before, until we spent two days to try different games and plan the orientation. Miss the time that we could always get somewhere to sit in the dining hall when others had not arrived yet!      –Britina

 The monitor training was a very exciting and enjoyable experience. I met with a lot of senior and junior prefects which we went together to practice the dance and games preparing for the new coming students. It took us only one day, but just in that day I learnt to be a leader and to cooperate with others –Jimmy

 Being the leader was tough, but it was a really good experience for me to meet  new students and help them to settle in Concord –Lavine

 The games sessions with the new Form 3s and 4s was not only a challenge for them to meet new people, but also for us! We all met so many new people, and had a fun experience doing it —Amy

 It was great to meet all the new form 3 and 4s at the beginning of the year, and to be a part of their start at Concord   —Chorley

So you see, that’s what we actually feel when we were doing activities with you! Concord is new to you and you guys are also new to us, but indeed we had a lot of fun together and it’s really nice to be friends with you. Hopefully we did help you to settle in more easily!

Britina Wei F5

Posted on: Sep 30th 2016 in General

Monitor Training Day

A few days before the start of term, the Form 5 Monitors joined the Prefects for the first time in preparing and planning for the annual induction games for the new form 3s and 4s. Starting a new school can be terrifying (especially facing a sea of strangers and a maze of new buildings!) and having been through it ourselves, we all wanted to plan an event where people could have a good time, make new friends and feel more welcome here at Concord.

On the Saturday before the new Concordians arrived, we (the Form 5 Monitors) spent a day with Mrs Coward, Mr Tilson, Miss Taylor and Dr Willetts learning and playing new games that we could then play with the new students. It was a very fun day filled with laughter, silliness and jokes!

I had such a good time and I think we all did! It was great to have a day of fun together after the long summer apart. We all had a good laugh playing the games, especially when we made Iso into an elephant and Benji into a unicorn using only newspaper! The only downside was when Amy and I (in a competitive flurry of activity) fell off the crates in the game, ‘crossing the river’, and face-planted onto the floor!

Apart from this, the Monitor training day was a definite success!

Chloe Young F5

Posted on: Sep 30th 2016 in General

Holiday withdrawal symptoms

Can you believe that we’ve just finished one full week of lessons? It feels like we’ve been back for ages! Since I’ve arrived back to Concord, there has been a major influx of unfamiliar faces. The new intake of 45 students has boosted the total number of students to more than 500 for the first time. Besides the arrival of students, the stark decrease in temperature has made me appreciate warmer weather in Singapore more. However, we got to experience a little bit of snow. As the days past, you’d see students around the campus taking out their puffy jackets and standing by radiators as much as possible to keep warm. One night after prep, I was walking back and it started snowing a little and of course, I got a little too excited because I’ve never seen snow before! (Fake snow does not count… it smells weird.) I’m sure we’re all wishing for heavier snow for a day off… and a snowball fight maybe?

But of course, it’s not all fun and games. We had to quickly adjust back into our usual schedules. I swear all I have ever done for the past few days were alternating between English language coursework and literature coursework – trying to meet deadlines. As for us form 5s, we’ve come to a realization that our GCSE examinations are approaching very quickly. Thus, the increase of workload and possibly more stress than ever makes adapting to this Concord lifestyle tough at the beginning, especially with our extremely long holidays contrasting our busy lifestyle here, but as soon as we’re used to it… time does pass extremely quickly and everything becomes worth it in the end.

This week, we’ve been introduced to multiple upcoming events – the college’s annual fashion show, Chinese New Year dinner, Mayor’s concert, and more house sport events. Around school – you would spot designers buying material for their dresses, frequent visits to the art block; Societies of different countries starting to meet up and beginning to think of ideas for the Mayor’s concert; Heads of Houses and captains have been busy recruiting players for the teams that will be all beginning in no time at all. It’s been a hectic week, but only the start of hopefully an amazing 2015.

Nicole Lim F5

Posted on: Jan 23rd 2015 in General

The Start of a New Year

Coming back this year has been a really exciting journey – especially when compared to my first time arriving at Concord last year. About the same time a year ago, I was terrified of making new friends, leaving home, learning new things, and adapting to the change in environment. Thankfully, I was greeted by the most welcoming group of prefects and I could not have wished for any better. This year coming back, everything was more relaxing. I knew most of the old students, and the college was basically home to me. Arriving and being able to meet friends and teachers we haven’t seen for the whole summer really brought back memories. Along with the old, there were many many new students who joined the college. Everywhere I went, I’d see new faces, and to my surprise – all have adapted very quickly.

As the week went on, there were many events that took place. The new students gone through a series of prefect orientations which includes many ice breaking games and even a high ropes  course on campus led by teachers. As soon as all of the students were back, we all had the absolute joy of unpacking.

After the first couple of days of settling in, the whole of lower school and most of upper school took a day trip to Alton Towers. Looking around, it was funny how everywhere you went, you’d see people you knew from Concord, all having fun and enjoying their last “free” Saturday. Following, we went back to school and watched the ‘son et lumiere.’ There were montages projected onto the back of the main hall and fireworks which were then held after by a professional, award winning pyrotechnics group. It was nice to have a glimpse of Concord in the past 65 years and the fireworks themselves were very astounding. To end the eventful day, the first ever disco of the year was held in the West End and as you went in, you’d hear people singing, dancing, and enjoying themselves very much.

What a great start to the year.

Sabrina Lai Form 5

Posted on: Sep 16th 2014 in General