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Duke of Edinburgh Training in the Wild

On Saturday 11th, as a member of the Silver Duke of Edinburgh group I set out into the Shropshire Hills for a day of navigation training. We were split into two groups and given the task of finding our way through the countryside using just a map and compass through the snow and fog while carrying emergency equipment and tour food supplies for the day.

I learned new aspects of navigation such as hand-railing, taking bearings from a fixed point and spotting tick-off features, which allowed me to find my way even when away from a footpath. We walked through the wilderness covered with heather, using compass and river to find our way.

We were wet and tired when they finally got back to the minibus at the end of the day, but there was still time spare to make a snowman before we left!

Thomas Van Dongen F5

Posted on: Mar 13th 2017 in General