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House Cross Country 2015

Saturday morning was cold and wet. Like always, it started with tests, although this week we had to wake half an hour earlier. After tests, everyone changed to their house t-shirts and went to the Main Hall. The people were all chatting, supporting each other, and the cold weather was over come by the warm friendly atmosphere. No one was left out. When people organised themselves into four groups: Mandela, Teresa, Pankhurst and Gandhi, the Cross Country began.

As soon as people heard the starting pistol, everyone started moving. Some were running, others walking. The cross country is not only about who comes first, it is about participation, and if you are not a good, runner or you had an injury you could still come and support your house. In fact more than 350 students participated. The race was long. It went all the way behind Morris Building and Red House, to Paul House, on the football pitch and all the way back to Main Hall. The worst part was that the grass was wet and the air was cold. However, we got there at the end.

The Upper School road race started straight after that. Upper School had to run twice as much as we did. When the race was ending my friends and I went to cheer. We stood right before the finish line and supported not only our houses, but also our friends and other people who were running. Mr Johnson’s (physics teacher) son wanted to run road race too. However, he was too young for them, so right before the finish line Mr Johnson took him and they walked together to the finish line. At the end Pankhurst won.

For Lower School Filip Skierski came first and the first girl was Lavine Lui. For Upper School first came Charoenvasnadumrong Tharisata Tempy and Ong Jil Ee Min.

This experience was unforgettable.

Oleksandra F5

Posted on: Nov 3rd 2015 in General