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Triple Win – Macmillan Coffee Morning

Divine and delicate, velvety and spongy, light and scrumptious… The dining hall is all cake lovers’ paradise today in break time, leaving them nothing to be desired.What’s better is that it’s guilt-free – as they are exchanging devilish calories for good, leashing themselves from their belts to feast on the heavenly cakes sold today.

For once, weight-conscious students can forget their calories intake and stuff themselves as much as they want for the Macmillan coffee morning, the biggest coffee morning. By buying every doughnut or home-baked cakes, all of the money collected will be donated to Macmillan Cancer Support, raising money for people living with cancer. Students and staff gifted with baking talents could seize the opportunity and display their excel skills in baking today too; it could not have been nicer of them to volunteer to bake for good.

To make things short, today’s event is a triple win, both to a win for us cake lovers, win for bakers and those who have a philanthropic heart. It has been a part of a tradition of Concord College for years, and this year, almost all cakes and doughnuts are sold out, leaving satisfying tummies going to their lessons.

Yanshing Cheung 6.1

Posted on: Sep 26th 2014 in General

First Sports Prep

This week is no different to other autumn week in Acton Burnell; the sun occasionally peeps out as the clouds scuttle across the sky, sweeping the village.

After disentangling with the bald branches, rays of sunlight squirm down to the thick carpet of fiery leaves on the ground, reflecting aromas of tannin from the fallen leaves into the mist of air.

However, there is a not so typical atmosphere started to creep into Concord.

After the first prep, groups of student march their way out from their prep rooms. Taking turns, each day. What’s left is an eerie silence lingering in the classrooms, with lower form students popping their eyes, pondering. Where are they heading? Wait- all of them are heading to the same direction, same path. In all different faces, the boys and girls are heading against the crisp autumn breeze and after turning left, they all entered into the same building.

It is the Sports Hall. Concordians are here for their sports prep. The crowd starts to clog up as the beeping sound resonating over the passageway after swiping their cards. Soon the crowd dissolves and goes to their pre-arranged team. Students found themselves allocated to different sports; basketball for group 1, badminton for group 2, circuit training for group 3; squash, weighing and pooling for group 4. Every one eventually gets himself/ herself into the game.

After a brief hiatus of 2 months, Concord has entered a new academic year as Acton Burnell has entered autumn. Things are getting on track once again and Concord has witnessed its first sports prep of the year.


Yanshing Cheung, 6.1

Posted on: Sep 25th 2014 in General

The first week back at Concord College

Fortuitous with beautiful weather, the first week at Concord College was full of excitement and unforgettable experiences.

First of all, the induction games helped all of us to get to know each other. From the very beginning some students felt a bit shy and intimidated to come up and introduce themselves to the others. Nevertheless, even though none of us knew each other before, by the end of the day we could all give detailed descriptions of all of our body group members.

Even though most of the games were aimed at welcoming the new students, as a returner I ought to mention that I wouldn’t have missed those games for the world. Hence, I bet all the new pupils felt like they were a part of Concord community by the time they were soaked in the middle of the night, playing the water war, which was great fun.

Afterwards, two days of various house activities helped everyone to experience true Concordians’ loyalty and support. Particularly on the high ropes course, as on that field, the main rule is to trust each other. Soon enough it became crystal clear that if you cannot rely on your partner, you would most likely end up on the ground, which thankfully did not happen. On the contrary, with the support of other team members, nearly all of us were delighted to make it to the top.

In addition, I am sure that everyone had our ups and downs throughout this week. Some felt homesick and some were scared that they might struggle to fit in. Yet I believe that by now each of us got a friend and no one feels like they’re out of their element.

Oleksandra Torubara 6.1

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