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House Arts Competition

After weeks of anticipation and hard work every house got an opportunity to present their unique and outstanding performances. This year, teams were competing in four categories entitled as House Ensemble, House Dance, House Poetry and House Song.
This year’s theme was ‘Celebration’ and each house managed to present it in a different way. Gandhi house celebrated weddings while Pankhurst took a different approach and celebrated Birthdays.
Judged by Mr. Kerslake, Dr. Outram, and Mrs. Hawkins the overall winners of 2014 House Arts Competition were Teresa house members.
Yet each category had a champion, Mandela house won House Poetry and House Song categories, while Teresa house won for the House Dance and House Ensemble. The scores were really close between all four houses, which is probably the best indicator of how difficult it was for the judges to come to a mutual decision.
Despite the fact that winners were chosen, every house enjoyed themselves! Each house practice was fun; it united us and gave each of the students a sense of house spirit. Overall, I believe that everyone had a great time this Saturday, either participating or supporting one’s house members. 
Oleksandra Torubara 6.1
Posted on: Oct 23rd 2014 in General

House Spirit

In Concord, we have four houses, namely Gandhi, Mandela, Pankhurst and Teresa. Each of the houses is named after one great individual, who are of the same minds as Concord – valuing harmony and equality.

All students are part of a house. We regularly hold inter-house contests, and houses competes against each other, in both academic fields and non-academic fields, for example average Saturday test scores, the Road Race and the forthcoming House Arts. Competition brings motivation, yet the essence of it – is the sportsmanship we all treasure. It is not all just about competition; in each house, the bonds of brotherhood are strong, like a family. Within Houses, meals are held from breakfast to dinner, alongside with assemblies and many other events.

One of the more question-intriguing matters of the house issues may probably be the naming of Pankhurst, which is named after Emmeline Pankhurst. Yet in my view and my limited GCSE history knowlege, I reckon it is well-named ad perhaps the best. Emmeline Pankhurst, a leading suffragette who could be seen as a synonym with violence, obtensibly has nothing in common with concord and harmony, or rather quite the opposite.

Although her acts may be slightly more radical than the other three figures, she herself is an advocate to the modern world on gender equality. Amongst suffragettes, they lost their dignity in the force feeding actions and later the Cat and Mouse act; and one of them even died and became a matyr. Their grim determination and readiness to sacrifice themselves for greater democracy should receive applause. Her movement is not all just about radical, she had brought her ideas to every day aspects of life, as small as to a baugette wrapper. Her patriotism is worth to be highlighted, as she suspended all her movements as soon as WWII commenced, asking her fellow suffragettes to instead shift their focus in war efforts and wooing men to take part in the war.

Her courage and her passion are all things we should look up on, and these are the very reasons why I love the name of my house, Pankhurst.

Yanshing Cheung 6.1

Posted on: Oct 15th 2014 in General

More than just a busy weekend

An array of events have been held over the weekend at Concord, such as the Talent Show and the International Food Fayre. Both the Talent Show and the International Food Fayre were truly eye-openers to me should I say, now that I know that there is so many multi-talented musician-chefs in our school.

But it was more than that. To me, I have learnt from these events that they are not simply places to display talents or worldwide delicacies, but also to display us, the Concordians’ team spirit. We may not have realised this, as we have probably get used to contributing each of our own part to achieve a bigger goal of ourselves; getting used to being working under the shadow, not nominated and remain anonymous. However, each of these events would not have been successfully held if there had not been those anonymous working backstage, from the ticket sellers to backstage coordinators, from refreshment sellers to the gaffers, from the chefs hiding in the kitchen for the whole day to those sacrificing their opportunity to relish on world delicacies to promote their home food in the counters.

Transcending together, people, they make a team. It is the team spirit that leads to a successful pathway in many cases. I have been in awe of my fellow Concordians were working so diligently when I was taking part of both the events, also in the backstage, inspiring me to shed some light on them through the blog. The weekend was more than busy, to me it was also educational and fruitful.

To those working under the shadow and remaining anonymous, thank you.


Yanshing Cheung 6.1

Posted on: Oct 13th 2014 in General

Food Fayre

The world’s biggest feast took place at Concord College on Sunday the 5th of October.  This event’s immense size may not be underestimated, due to the fact that we had representatives from over 20 countries eating the food demonstrated for degustation by over 10 international societies.

Although the point being of this event was primarily for foreign students to get a taste of home, it turned into a friendly cooking competition, as it turned out that Concordians, as a whole, are very passionate about cooking.

Frankly, the cooking process was probably the best part of the food fair. The occasion definitely united societies together and gave an opportunity, for all the new students, to contribute to their country’s community.

This year, some students have also created an ‘International society’, the idea of which is to give an opportunity to all of those who come from unusual (to Concord) places to take part in the school’s society events such as this occasion.

The food was delicious. Although I tried a number of most delicious meals such as Victoria Sponge and Japanese rolls, my personal favourite were Indonesian fried bananas with nutella, which I’ve never tasted before.

Oleksandra Torubara 6.1

Posted on: Oct 9th 2014 in General