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House Dinners

‘Social identity theory’ explains that humans like to gather together to experience unity, and nurture common values and aims. Last week in Concord can be described as such celebration of community, as we all participated in our House Dinners.

In Concord, there are 4 houses to which students are assigned: Gandhi, Mandela, Pankhurst and Teresa. Between Monday and Thursday, members of each House spent one fine evening in the company of the Head of House, House Captains (student girl and boy who represents the community), teachers, and last but not least, great food.

Every evening started with appreciation of the dining hall which for one night was sunk in the colour of each House (Gandhi-yellow, Mandela-green, Pankhurst-red, Teresa-blue) which was caused both by accessories and emblems, as well as by students’ clothes. Then we all listened to the speech of the Head of House about our House values, what it means to be responsible for others and the upcoming House events (such as House Arts). We also had a good time enjoying our meals and getting to know peers sitting around us. To make it easier for new students, Prefects prepared games such as finding the person who speaks the most languages or the students who have birthdays on the same day. Finally, we listened to House Captains, who introduced us to the house plans for the upcoming terms from the students’ perspective.

Yet most importantly, directing their words to younger students, they stressed that they really have been in the same situation before-when nothing seems to be certain-and they ensured them that this time passes away as we settle in Concord and strengthen our friendships. Overall House Dinner week was a warm time – reassuring us that we are not alone and that we have even more power as a community.

Kate Rudzka 6.2

Posted on: Oct 25th 2016 in General

International Food Fayre & Sushi Day

What else could we have an appetite for if not the International Food Fayre. Here at Concord the food fayre is an annual event that students organise to share their culture and traditional foods from their own country with the whole college body. It is a known fact that Concord students are constantly hungry, so it was no surprise that everyone was hyped up about it.

International Food Fayre

On Sunday morning, from about 9am to 2pm, I could see students rushing around the Students’ kitchen cooking and having fun. There was a great turnout as over 70% of the students and almost all the teachers came to join in on the fun. Even the parents of the day students came to help out and really support everyone. I, myself, am an active member of the African society and we made roasted chicken and rice with spicy tomato stew, a dish very common to Africa. It was definitely one of the most enjoyable events I have attended during this term. One of my favourite parts of the day was eating from the Thai society. There were a lot of different societies providing different foods, some I had never tried out before. Far from the Southern America to Asia and the UK, every society managed to make great food and satisfied our tummy, as well as create a fun environment for everyone to eat and socialise. I personally feel it was a great way to end the week as most of the 6.2s had only just recovered from the heat of the UCAS 1 window period.

Sushi Day

The fun did not stop there. About three days later, Concord dedicated the Wednesday after to give the students what they had, for a long time, requested. Yes! Sushi Day. Hours before lunch time, the buzz had already gotten around and there was so much anticipation. The queues for sushi were so long but the students did not mind and most especially, there was more than enough to go round. Everyone had extras and everyone was full, I only hoped that there were able to pay full attention in class. I had never tried sushi before till then and it was a memorable experience for me.

As the week comes to end, it’s a bit sad that these food festivities cannot go on but my fellow Mandelans have something to look forward – the Mandela House Dinner.

Ikem Nzenwa 6.2

Posted on: Oct 7th 2016 in General