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House Arts 2017- the result!

Definitely for everyone participating in the House Arts, the past two weeks were filled with intense planning and countless rehearsals. Finally, the day has come.

House Arts is the most exciting and entertaining show in our very own theatre. This single night involves four striking performances from each house (song, dance, poetry, ensemble), all portraying the theme of Hope. Members of the audience loved it. The crowd included the student body, teachers, staff, as well as our families from all around the world who accessed it through the live stream online. The judges reiterated themselves that the competition was even greater this year and the decision was extremely tough. The winners for each category are as followed:

House Dance: Teresa

House Poem: Pankhurst

House Ensemble: Mandela

House Song: Gandhi

Brandy Chu, who has been in Concord since Form 3, along with Eric Tay, have finally brought back the House Arts trophy for Mandela House for the first time in years.  Followed by Teresa and Gandhi as the tied runners up, and Pankhurst as the 2nd runners up.

Most importantly, the students all enjoyed the event and the whole experience of preparing for this night. House Arts is always an amazing opportunity for students to get to know each other better, despite being in different year levels (upper school, lower school) or being a boarding/day student. One single performance is a showcase of tens and tens of hours of students’ collaboration, hard work and perseverance outside of the classroom. It exemplifies the “all-roundedness” factor of Concord students who are able to maintain high-performing grades along with participating in extra curricular activities, being talented (whether in music, dance, theatre, poem, singing, art or all), while having the confidence to show these skills.

Despite not winning House Arts, as Teresa House Captains, Sergey and I have never seen our house as driven and united before. The chanting, clapping, and cheering was an environment we all definitely treasured, which made us feel extremely happy and blessed for our house, our spirit and the four memorable acts we all created from scratch.

The night wrapped up with a special surprise performance by the 8 house captains, dancing and singing to the well-known soundtrack “We’re All In This Together” from High School Musical. The performance later involved the prefects joining us on stage and the other students singing along in the audience. It was a perfect end to the night. Despite rooting and competing for different houses, we are all united as the close-knit community of Concord College.

This year’s House Arts was an uplifting start to our spring term. For us 6.2s, it will definitely be remembered as one of the best highlights of our fleeting time here.

Additional Photos and Videos can be accessed here:

Ness Tangjetanapon 6.2  (Teresa House Captain)

Posted on: Feb 14th 2017 in General

House Arts 2017

On the 21st January all of the House Captains and the Heads of Houses met up to finally get information and instructions about the upcoming House Artscompetition. This year’s theme was ‘hope.’

As soon as all the instructions were distributed, the house prefects started coming up with ideas for a song, dance, poem and ensemble without delay. From that day, we only had 2 weeks to organize and prepare four 5-minute acts. Although stressful, the prefects definitely had a lot of fun organizing and being creative with ideas.

Practices began the following Monday and it was hectic. Many people came to participate and it was definitely seeing all of the students from the same house gather and work together to create songs and dances with such talent and enthusiasm.

There were a range of talents seen – from pianists, guitarists, drummers, to public speakers and dancers, the variety was endless. It was especially heart warming to see people who are normally more shy come out of their comfort zone and just participate to have fun and to be around new people and make new friends.

Eugene Uhomoibhi 6.2 (Pankhurst House Captain)

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Lunar New Year

Last week (Saturday, January 28) was the first day of the Lunar New Year, symbolising the start of the year of the Rooster. To understand this year better, I decided that I should do some research on the Chinese zodiac. I found out that each zodiac year is not only associated with an animal sign, but also one of five elements: gold, wood, water, fire or earth; and 2017 is the Fire Rooster Year. Characteristics of the Fire Rooster include trustworthiness, with a strong sense of timekeeping and responsibility of work, which leads me to the belief that this year will be a productive year of us all at Concord.

Not being able to celebrate Chinese New Year at home is undoubtedly one of the toughest parts about studying overseas. You would think that I would be used to having to miss out on all the food, family gatherings and especially the red packets now, but the answer is simply — no. This is my 5th year away from home, and truthfully, I still miss the roasted pork and grandma-made radish cakes dearly. Thankfully, at Concord the Chinese and Hong Kong Society arranges a Chinese New Year Dinner every year, making our taste buds feel a little closer to home.

Whilst some students went to Birmingham this year, I decided to stay at school with a few of my closest friends to make a feast of our own. The menu included roasted crispy pork belly, stir friend vegetables, and a pork broth soup with Chinese cabbage. Although I wasn’t very helpful with the cooking, I truly enjoyed the meal and appreciated the company of my friends. Through this I realised just how much I missed home and that I should spend more time with my family once I return to Hong Kong. I wonder if you feel the same way as I do?
Finally I wish you all a belated Happy Chinese New Year 恭喜發財 (Kung Hei Fat Choi/Gong Xi Fa Cai), may all your wishes come true this year and the many years to come.

Brandy Chu 6.2

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