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International. Harmonious. Warm. Competitive. These are just a few of the many qualities of what I think best describes Concord. Concord on the surface is like your typical UK boarding school. You wake up, go to school, eat your meals, have a little free time and go for prep sessions (at least at Concord anyway). Obviously Concord is a very academic school and more often times than not I find myself baffled at way the mind of my intelligent peers work – it’s ridiculous. However, there are two things that make Concord distinctively different – activities and people.

There are countless numbers of activities and extracurricular classes here at Concord ranging from choir to lifeguard training to football and the list just goes on and on. Personally, I enjoy playing sports and I have learnt how to play squash, table tennis, and even improved as a footballer and a tennis player here at Concord. Music also plays a big role here at Concord with various music lessons and various band coaching lessons. All these are easily accessible and are very good fun, if you’re into music that is. I picked up the guitar a couple years ago and I have learnt much about it from the music teachers and also my fellow musician friends. Since then, I participated in a few concerts held by the college with the bands held by teachers and also with my friend, where we got to play around with songs that we were interested in. In addition, there are also individual International Societies due to the many nationalities that make up the Concord community and these societies are given the opportunities to express their local culture to the school and the local community through food, dance and music at various events, which I think is one of the best ways to learn about other people’s cultures.

Then, there are the people. I’m not sure whether it’s the atmosphere, the fact that the school is in the middle of nowhere or just the pure luck of getting the right people to come to the college, but the Concord community is just something else. I have made many close friends during my 3 years here at concord and I am extremely confident that we will remain close through university and as we grow older. The amazing thing is that some of these friends are my seniors and juniors and I find it really nice that regardless of age, we’ve managed to get along with each other so well. And it’s not only the students, teachers here are unique. Yes, they know their subject like the back of their hand and then some, but they’re really enjoyable people to be taught by in class and they’re also great people outside of class.

Zenon Foo Head Boy 2013/4

It feels like I have transcended time and space each time I step foot into Shropshire’s top boarding school.  From the beautiful scenery of the grounds, to breadth of knowledge I acquire from my expert teachers. I guard my memories here in Concord well. They are so personal and so precious. The 12 hour journey to and fro from home to school gives me a generous window of time of reflection. Sometimes the emotional baggage doesn’t seem worth the frequent long journey; having to pick off where I left with my friends on either side of the world each time. But returning to Concord is always exciting, and worth looking forward to. I love drama and for someone who loves performing, Concord is the place to be. It is more than literally performing in a recital or seasonal concert. Concord demands students to showcase their best in class, practice their intellectual skills and confidence on a daily basis. Students bask in the attention of their teachers and applause is heard in the form of praise and encouragement given by staff and friends. Life couldn’t be more exhilarating.

Tan Qi Jun Head Girl 2013/4

Concord Head Boy  & Girl 2013/4

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