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The Trench

On the 13th of November, we had the privilege to watch a stunning play – The Trench. Everyone was allowed to skip second prep to watch and the theatre was packed. This play was performed by only 5 amazingly talented performers, portraying the life of a soldier in the trenches in a mythical way and the war as a monster. The play begins with a man mining underground and a young man joining him, then a big explosion occurs and the man’s mind sets off to a journey to unite with his beloved wife and son, who died back home. To reunite with them, he has to go through 3 difficult challenges, each representing a fear or difficulty the soldiers in the trenches have to overcome.

The play presented the life of soldiers in the trenches in the most interesting way, with the amazing acting of the actors and the beautiful music in the background, played live by an instrumentalist, it was simply incredible. The use of lighting, space, voice and their movements were able to portray there characters flawlessly. Both the style the play was portrayed and the idea of it were very abstract. With the non-naturalistic theatre, the audience had to pay close attention to what was happening and what every little thing represented and whether or not there was an alternate meaning behind it. The play was no where near what most of us thought it would be, it turned out better than what we had anticipated before the show begun, and we definitely enjoyed this play beyond imagination.

Melody Hung  F4

Posted on: Nov 28th 2014 in General

Half term trip to Belgium

“Yayyyyyy!” People in my boarding house were cheering to mark the end of the first half term. These two months had been hard, intense and tiring and we were all so excited for the 5 day break. It was a good opportunity for us to finally relax and get ourselves reloaded for the on-going prep and end of term exams coming up. While some of us decided to stay in campus to just relax and others went to London to shop, my friends and I went on the Belgium trip hosted by the school.

On the first day of the trip, we left the school at 4am. We were all sleepy and exhausted. Luckily, we got to sleep on the coach as it took us around 5 hours to get to the port of Dover. By the time we were at the hotel in Ghent, it was already night. We were tired out and went to bed immediately after dinner.

The next day, we went to Brugge and we went on a canal trip. I was fascinated by the view alongside the canal. There were so many medieval architectures that were absolutely stunning. I just couldn’t take my eyes off them. Being in Belgium – we had to have waffles! They were so delicious, I even had three big ones on my own! At the start, I didn’t know Belgium was famous for their chocolate. Though on the day, they brought us to their chocolate factory and it wow-ed me. In the factory, there were huge machines and a man demonstrating the production of chocolates we all consumed. I’ve always thought making chocolates were easy, but this really proved me wrong.

Following, we went to Brussels – the capital of Belgium. The Grand place was our meeting point, it is the centre square of Brussels. I couldn’t believe my eyes, every single building there was just magnificent. I couldn’t imagine how skillful and hardworking the sculptors had to be to carve the hundreds of detailed and precise sculptures on the walls of the building. We’ve went to see the famous Manneken Pis and were told about the story of it. More important –  we all managed to get some shopping done as well.

My friends and I bought many different types and brands of chocolates and waffles as souvenirs for our friends back in the college. This trip brought me to places I never thought I would go to and learnt so much more about their culture and Belgium in general. Overall, the trip was amazing and I really hope there will be one just like it soon.

Angel Ng F5
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After lengthy 2 hour Saturday tests it was finally time to prepare for Halloween. I had already got all the things I needed for my costume which was meant to be a surprise. After lunch, I had to decorate the Lower School for the Outreach society. We were planning to make the scariest haunted house yet. There were a lot of decorations which was used wisely. Our group’s duty was to decorate the toilets. I think this was the best part to decorate as it is a very tiny are but with a lot of mirrors and cubicles. We put a lot of blood on the mirrors and put a fake hand beneath a door. The entire place was covered in cob webs and a very evil plan was hatched to trap the people in the cubicles. As the person walks in the scarer will lock the toilet and they cannot go out until they have entered every single cubicle. After decorating the toilet it was finally time for me to dress up.

I went back to my boarding house and looked at my costume and realised it was a bad idea. We were planning to go as a group of scary teenage girls. As I put on the leggings, I thought to myself, how do girls were these all day long? Don’t they feel uncomfortable? I wore my costume and walked out with my group. We all looked at each other, all of us equally puzzled and odd. Our only aim out of this costume was to win the “Best group award”. We walked into Main Hall and realised this is going to be hard. There was a group of Zombie Police, Mexicans, Sims, two Mario groups, and the food group. There were also many candidates for the “Best dressed boy” and “Best dressed girl”, there was a very scary Batwoman, a creepy mime, bleeding Oreos and many more. The main hall was filled with scary people and there were a lot of ‘selfies’ and pictures being taken.

The best part of the day was the creepy Halloween disco. The west end was decorated with carved pumpkins, cobwebs and lots and lots of glow-sticks. There was very creepy music and it felt like the entire Concord College was on the dance floor, dancing the night out. There were a lot of competitions on the dance floor against groups and it was really fun. This wonderful disco would not have been possible without the incredible DJ Zhaslan. It was nearly time for room check and I was so tired I wanted to go and die on my bed but I realised I had to get rid of all the makeup, and so I went for a shower. It was a fun day with great memories. This Halloween is one I will never forget.

Aous Mohammed F5

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